DiMillo's Yacht Sales

Come One, All - Newport is now open!

Come One, Come All - Newport is now open!

The boats have been primped and pressed and the gates are now OPEN at Newport 2016.  Make sure you stop by to see the DiMillo's Yacht Sales team.  Yacht Brokers - Chris, Peter, Scott, Jim, Mike, Dave, Brad, Brett & Jim R are on the docks and ready to give you a tour of these amazing vessels we are proud to represent.  You can find us at the Brokerage Show, the Sabre & Back Cove booth, the Coastal Craft 45 and the Southport booth.  

For the full lineup we have at the new boat show:

  • Coastal Craft 45
  • Back Cove 32
  • Back Cove 37
  • Back Cove 41
  • Sabre 38 Salon Express
  • Sabre 42 Salon Express
  • Sabre 48 Flybridge
  • Sabre 54 Flybridge
  • Southport 33 LX
  • Southport 33 FE (Tower boat)
  • Southport 292FE  
  • Southport 272FE

The Brokerage Show line up is:

  • 2005 Eastbay 58 Flybridge Sedan
  • 2015 54 Sabre Flybridge
  • 2014 Sabre 42 Salon Express,
  • 2012 38 Lowell Downeast Yacht.  

We look forward to catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones!