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Upcoming Boat Shows!

Coming up at the end of January are the first boat shows of 2020! January 22-26, 2020 is the New York Boat Show where the Back Cove 34O and Sabre 38 Salon Express will be on display! January 23-26, 2020 is the Baltimore Boat Show where DiMillo’s on the Chesapeake will be displaying a Back Cove 34O and an Eastern 248 Islander! C...
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Check out Norwalk Boat Show this weekend!

The Norwalk Boat show is open through the weekend and we  have a great line up of Sabres and Back Coves to show off! 
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Norwalk Boat Show is open!

Norwalk Boat Show is open today through Sunday! Come inspect some Back Coves and Sabres! We have on display and ready for your inspection: Back Cove 34O, Back Cove 37, Back Cove 41, Sabre 42 Salon Express, Sabre 45, Salon Express, and a Sabre 48 Salon Express! 
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The Palm Beach International Boat Show is Open!

The Palm Beach Boat Show is Open! Come see our brokerage display on Ramp 7, where we have three Sabres on display: a 34, 48, and a 54 Flybridge! Over on Ramp 1 at the Sabre and Back Cove displays you’ll find the Sabre 66 Dirigio, Sabre 48, and Sabre 38, Back Cove 34O, as well as the Back Cove 30 and the Downeast 37! It will be a great show...
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Miami Yacht Show is Open!

The Miami Yacht Show is officially open through Sunday, February 18th. Come see us at the Back Cove & Sabre display at North Ramp B, Slips 4-7, where the Back Cove 34O, Back Cove 37, Sabre 45 and Sabre 48 are available for you to get on board and tour! Over at the Monte Carlo Yachts display at South Ramp C, Slip 22, the MCY 65, MCY 70, MCY 8...
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The Miami Yacht Show Opens Tomorrow!

The Miami Yacht Show opens tomorrow, February 14th at a new downtown location- One Herald Plaza, Miami. Sabre and Back Cove Yachts will be on display at North Ramp B, Slips 4-7; Monte Carlo Yachts will be on display at South Ramp C, Slip 22. The map below shows the locations for both the Sabre and Back Cove Yachts and Monte Carlo Yachts displays...
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2019 New York Boat Show Booth Preview

It is day 3 of the 2019 New York Boat Show, where the Sabre 48 and the Back Cove 34O are turning heads! Here is a video preview of both of these beautiful boats in Booth J2!
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2019 New York Boat Show Day 2!

The 2019 New York Boat Show has officially opened! On display in Booth J2 is the Sabre 48 Salon Express and Back Cove 34O! Come check us out! Open 12-9pm today through Friday, 10am-9pm Saturday, and 10am-6pm Sunday!
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